16 Jun

A Southern California woman, who was injured along with her two young daughters in an auto accident in 2012, recently settled her lawsuit for the sum of $1 million. The lawsuit followed a crash in January of 2012. 

The main plaintiff in the case, was driving her sister's BMW with her two daughters.  Another driver was driving alongside and sideswiped plaintiff's vehicle.  

The impact sent the car dangling from a bridge about 100 feet above a ravine. Emergency vehicles on the scene were able to get the plaintiff and minor children from the car.  The other driver was killed as his semi-truck tumbled over the bridge and down to the earth below.  

The plaintiff and children went directly to the hospital with severe injuries.  During an 8 day stay, plaintiff underwent multiple surgeries.

Following the recovery, plaintiff filed suit against the deceased driver and his employer.  The lawsuit sought compensation for bodily and emotional harm as well for medical expenses inured by plaintiff and the kids.

Legal proceedings dragged on for over two years, a settlement was reached to be split among the family in the amount of $1 million. 

Plaintiff was able to realize a fair settlement but the process lasted over two years. Plaintiff and her family felt pressure to settle early as her medical costs and living expenses continued to mount. In such cases, securing lawsuit funding can help a plaintiff in an auto accidents weather the storm and get justice.

Fair Rate Funding, a national lawsuit funding company with some of the lowest rates in the industry, offers lawsuit funding to plaintiffs in auto accident lawsuits. 

Lawsuit funding differs from traditional loans in several ways. Where a traditional loan would require incremental payments and implies repayment at some point in the future, lawsuit funding stipulates that no payments need to be made until a judgment is rendered or settlement reached. 

If the lawsuit is lost, the lawsuit cash advance is not repaid.

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