21 Jul

 In the wake of an automobile accident that left her seriously injured, a plaintiff in New Orleans filed suit against the driver of the other car, the owner of the car, and the car owner's insurance company.

Recently, plaintiff was driving when she alleges defendant made a left hand turn against traffic and slammed into her vehicle. Plaintiff's vehicle was totaled and defendant was arrested on scene for failing to provide proof of insurance.  Plaintiff filed suit against the driver, the owner of the vehicle, and the insurance company. 

According to her lawsuit, plaintiff sustained severe and permanent injury in the accident, including injury to her neck, back, shoulder, and pelvic regions. She has already undergone extensive medical treatment and physical therapy, and will likely require much more before she is fully recovered. 

As of the filing of lawsuit, plaintiff was still unable to perform common daily tasks owing to pain and disability. She also claims mental distress manifesting as depression, anxiety, shock, and problems sleeping. The lawsuit accuses the other driver of negligence, including failure to maintain control of his vehicle, operating a vehicle in a careless and reckless manner, failure to obey traffic laws and traveling at an unsafe speed. 

Plaintiff is seeking an unknown monetary amount in damages for physical and mental pain and suffering, as well as for medical bills. 

For plaintiffs involved in auto accident litigation, filing suit is only the first step in a long costly process. Between legal fees and medical bills, many plaintiffs in auto accident cases end up settling for lesser out of court settlements then they had initially sought. In such situations, settlement funding can go a long way toward alleviating the pressure to settle quickly. 

Settlement funding, or lawsuit funding, provides a cash advance for plaintiffs in auto accident lawsuits to help them through the financial hardships of an extended court proceeding. Settlement funding is not a traditional loan, so considerations like credit or employment history are not a factor. The only concern for a settlement funding lender is the strength of a case. 

Acquiring settlement funding requires no upfront fees and cash provided can be accessed in as little as 24-hours. And unlike traditional loans, the borrower of settlement funding is not required to pay anything until a judgment is rendered. Should the plaintiff lose their suit, no repayment is required. 

For those involved in an auto accident lawsuit, securing settlement funding could help you outlast and receive a better judgment or more substantial settlement. An auto accident lawsuit can put a serious strain on your finances; get help with settlement funding.

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