07 Jun

Recently, a New Jersey man filed a personal injury lawsuit recently against a major sporting goods retailer.  Lawsuit settlement loans is available in Pennsylvania for plaintiffs in need of cash prior to settlement.  The lawsuit against the retailer comes in connection with injuries sustained operating equipment. 

According to the complaint, plaintiff, a resident of New Jersey was using a treadmill in his home. Plaintiff asserts he was thrown from the machine while he was doing his daily workout.  He suffered severe and permanent injuries to his neck and back.  

The complaint also states plaintiff endured and continues to experience significant physical pain and suffering, mental pain and suffering, inconvenience, and embarrassment.  Medical expenses are piling up and because of the injury, he is no longer able to earn as much as he did prior to the accident.

Plaintiff states the defendant failed to equip the treadmill with the necessary safety devices and that failure was a direct proximate cause of his injuries.  Also alleged is that the defendant allowed the sale of the defective machine, failed to inspect same for possible danger and failed to adequately warn of the potential for injury in using the equipment.  

It is important to note that the equipment manufacturer was dismissed from the case having gone bankrupt leaving the named defendant the only available party to remedy the situation.  

Plaintiffs like these are often forced into a long and hard-fought court battle. National chains have a vested interest in avoiding liability in defective product claims. Accepting responsibility would set a precedent that could make future claims against the retailer difficult to defend. Accordingly, the retailer will likely try to settle the matter quietly and for a lesser settlement amount. Given the cost of court proceedings coupled with his mounting medical bills, plaintiff could accept this low-ball settlement offer simply to avoid some financial strain.  Remember, he is not making the same amount of money. 

Fortunately, plaintiff’s situation is a prime case for settlement loans.  Plaintiffs can secure settlement funding for products liability lawsuits in Pennsylvania and throughout most of the country to ease the financial burden of the legal process.  Settlement loans provide cash to plaintiffs who are waiting for settlement. The money provided lawsuit loan companies is 'non-recourse', meaning it is not repaid if the case is unsuccessful.  

Because PA settlement loans are not traditional loans, factors such as employment history and credit score are irrelevant.  Settlement loan companies are concerned only with the validity of the case and the likelihood of its success.

Once the determination has been made to provide settlement funding, funds can be made available in as little as 24-hours. There are no upfront fees and unlike traditional loans with monthly payments, the borrower is not required to make any payments until the case is settled. If the plaintiff receives an award, the “settlement loan” payment is made at the time of settlement. If the plaintiff loses the case, no repayment is required.


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