06 Jul

Recently, a Michigan Court of Appeals judge offered guidance on how people in Michigan should cross the roadways. In so doing, the Court of Appeals essentially blamed pedestrians for accidents which could have been prevented by the drivers.

Even more recently the Court of Appeals ruled that a dismissal was proper when the trial court ruled that a lawsuit for pain and suffering by a severely injured pedestrian was improper despite the fact that the driver had bad brakes. 

The court reasoned: Even though … “that the accident could have been avoided brakes had been in good working order,’” “there is no testimony or documentary evidence regarding what effect, if any, the brake problems had on the accident.”

Recent backlash regarding the decision has been extremely critical of the way the Michigan courts are handling pedestrian crossing accidents. Critics suggest that Michigan Judges seek to remove responsibility from reckless drivers and place the blame on more vulnerable and defenseless pedestrians. Further, the reason why most people are hit by cars has more to do with the way the driver is maneuvering his vehicle than the manner in which pedestrians are crossing the street. 

Injured pedestrians still may have a valid claim in negligence in Michigan and other jurisdictions. Those who are injured through no fault of their own can seek recovery for damages in court.However, some of these injured parties are unable to work and encounter financial stress because of their injuries. This unfortunate situation can result in these litigants accepting “lowball” settlement offers simply to avoid losing a roof over their heads.

Pedestrian Lawsuit Loans

Pedestrian accident victims can seek pedestrian lawsuit loans to level the financial playing field between plaintiffs and financially strong auto insurance carriers. These plaintiffs can sell a portion of the future proceeds of their case in return for immediate cash that can be used to pay any type of expense including medical bills, surgeries, rent, mortgage, groceries, or any other expense. Lawsuit loans of this nature offer relief two plaintiffs who need immediate cash now and have no other alternative.

Fair Rate Funding, a national lawsuit funding company with some of the lowest rates in the industry, offers lawsuit funding to plaintiffs in auto accident lawsuits. Lawsuit funding differs from traditional loans in several ways. Where a traditional loan would require incremental payments and implies repayment at some point in the future, lawsuit funding stipulates that no payments need to be made until a judgment is rendered or settlement reached. 

If the lawsuit is lost, the lawsuit cash advance is not repaid. 

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