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Lawsuit Funding is the answer.

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Lawsuit loans are valuable tools for personal injury plaintiffs who fall on tight financial situations.  Plaintiffs who need immediate cash to pay for expenses while their case is pending can use lawsuit loans to help pay expenses.  The application is free and if you do not win the case - you do not repay the advance!

Although the majority of cases we fund are personal injury lawsuits such as car accident lawsuit funding or slip and fall cases, we also fund the following:

Lawsuit Settlement Funding

We Provide Fast, Low-Cost, Lawsuit Loans to Plaintiffs

Pre-Settlement Loans

Pre-Settlement funding provides cash prior to settlement.

Settlement Loans

Pre-Settlement lawsuit loans provide a financial lifeline to plaintiffs.

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Personal Injury loans can be used to pay rent, mortgages, car loans, and any other expenditure.  In fact, there are no restrictions on the use of lawsuit loans!  Plaintiffs who need immediate cash can harness the power of lawsuit settlement funding to hold on until the case settles.  The deal is risk free in that if you do not win the case - you "owe" nothing and are not obligated to repay the advance under the contract!

Jury Awards $11.8 million to Spanish Tourists

car accident loans can help ease the financial burden of waiting for a lawsuit to settle.

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Lawsuit Settlement Funding for Auto Accident

learn about how car accident settlement funding can help plaintiffs get cash prior to settling their case.

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Bad Brakes Not Enough to Blame Driver in MI Pedestrian Accident

lawsuit loans available to pedestrians who are injured by automobiles. Get immediate money for pedestrian lawsuit funding prior to settlement.

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Pre-settlement Loans Injuries from Amusement Rides.

Get settlement loans to help you with expenses prior to settlement. Don't repay unless you win your case!

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Product Liability Lawsuit Settlement Loans Available in Pennsylvania

Settlement loans in Pennsylvania available to personal injury plaintiffs who are injured through the negligence of others including auto accidents, product liability cases, slip and falls, medical malpractice, Jones Act, FELA and other personal injury actions.

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Georgia Lawsuit Funding - A Financial Option for Car Accident Plaintiffs

Lawsuit funding is available for Georgia residents as well as residents of many other states. Also known as "lawsuit loans", legal funding advances money now to personal injury plaintiffs prior to settlement. Learn about this no-risk proposition for car accident lawsuit loans

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California Lawsuit Funding Relieves Financial Pressure in Car Accident Lawsuits

Car accident settlement could have been a prime candidate for lawsuit funding. If you have a personal injury lawsuit but cannot wait for the case to settle, you can secure a lawsuit advance before your case is resolved.

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